In 1821, the “Fife Agricultural Society” was formed in Cupar. The main objective of the Society was the general encouragement of agriculture and, in particular, the breeding of horses, cattle and sheep. An annual show was held where premiums were awarded to the best animals. Even 200 years ago, when the phrase “best practice” had probably never been used, a benefit of the Society was agreed to be the sharing of knowledge and information between the different districts of the county. The first President was General the Honourable Charles Hope of Craighall.

The East of Fife Agricultural Society, which was formed in 1810, met annually at Colinsburgh where they held exhibitions of agricultural stock, grains & seeds. In 1834, “The Fifeshire Agricultural Association” was formed for the protection and encouragement of agriculture. Whilst still holding general meetings in Cupar, this body also had district committees throughout the county.

“The Fife Agricultural Association” of today is an amalgamation of various agricultural organisations and is a limited company and registered Charity, run mainly by volunteers coming from throughout Fife. Presidents currently serve a 2 year term, being awarded the President’s Medal on their appointment – this medal was handed down from The Fife Farmers Club, whose first President, in 1884, was John Ballingall of Dunbog.

If you are interested in reading more about the Show’s history, a book “Fife Show – The First 200 Years” is available to purchase; cost 320 inc. UK P & P.

The President for 2024/2025 is David Aglen,  Treaton Farm, Star

There are currently 10 Directors and 17 General Committee Members.

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